About Jasri Beach Villas

Philosophy: Escape.
A less-traveled alternative for those who want to experience authentic living in eastern Bali, the Jasri Beach Villas juxtapose reality and fantasy, leaving you in a dream-like state of mind with a serenity you never knew existed. With the closest nightclub a dot on the horizon, nature, relaxation and adventure await your arrival.
The Jasri Beach Villas are situated on a stunning property steps away from the ocean on a secluded cobblestone beach, not known to most travelers visiting Bali. Just 15 minutes east of a charming seaside village called Candidasa, you will find this hidden paradise. The Hawaii architect collaborated closely with Bali Mekar Studio, Ubud to bring this oasis to life. The inspiration for the Villas’ designs was the pure, Pantai Jasri country lifestyle as well as the people and culture of Bali. The estate has two separate accommodations available: Villa Kacang and Villa Puri Ikan.

Beauty and luxury beyond comparison, the minute you enter through the golden wood doors, you are taken away from reality and dropped into euphoria. The air is comforting, surrounding you on both sides are ponds with hundreds of beautiful/colorful koi swimming, you hear the sound of distant chanted prayers and when the moon comes up, golden and attenuated over the ocean, you feel as if you are a resident of an ancient village. The smell, the ambiance, the complacency, makes you realize you have never really been to dreamland.